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Mood Edition enables business to offer the most effective editorial and advertising content to their audiences.

We have developed a range of powerful services that help you to to increase user engagement and loyalty, thus maximizing your marketing efforts.

Ready Made Solutions:

MoodZine is a multi-channel solution that drives website engagement by giving
your audience a personalised presentation of your editorial content according to their interests.

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Made for Measure Solutions:

Our user-profiling technology opens up a world of possibilities.

Here are some of the other services that we are able to provide:


Highly Qualified Lead Generation

Targeting, targeting, targeting. ...
The word that companies with successful marketing and customer acquisition strategies are focusing on.



Our in-house DMP stores and analyzes data, giving you access to evolving user profiles thus constantly enriching your Database.


Profiling Engine

In-house build technology that incorporates more than 150 user interests as well life event targeting.


White Label Solution

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